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Wasnincton, D. C.


The present series, entitled “Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collec- tions,” is intended to embrace all the publications issued directly by the Smithsonian Institution in octavo form; those in quarto constituting the “Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge.” The quarto series includes memoirs, embracing the records of extended original investigations and researches, resulting in what are be- lieved to be new truths, and constituting positive additions to the sum of human knowledge. The octavo series is designed to con- tain reports on the present state of our knowledge of particular branches of science; instructions for collecting and digesting facts and materials for research; lists and synopses of species of the organic and inorganic world; museum catalogues; reports of ex- plorations; aids to bibliographical investigations, etc., generally pre- pared at the express request of the Institution, and at its expense.

The assignment of a work to one or the other of the two series will sometimes depend upon whether the required illustrations can be presented more conveniently in the quarto or the octavo form.

In the Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, as well as in the present series, each article is separately paged and indexed, and the actual date of its publication is that given on its special title page, and not that of the volume in which it is placed. In many cases works have been published, and largely distributed, years before their combination into volumes.

S. F. BAIRD, Secretary S. I.


; ON ; a yu ee : i Rd oa) es ; Bie h re Le aie seen ok (S7a> A i Wa) ASAT i

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ins 4 ‘ally


The present work was undertaken by Dr. H. C. Bouron, some time before the publication of the valuable “Catalogue of Scientific Serials” of Mr. Samuret H. Scupper, by Harvard University, in 1879.

Mr. ScupprEr’s Catalogue includes the transactions of learned Societies in the natural, physical, and mathematical sciences; but, excepting to a very limited extent, does not embrace technical journals. Dr. Bouron’s Cata- logue is confined to scientific and technical Periodicals” proper, (exclusive of Society proceedings and transactions )—yet, by this extension to the wide

field of periodicals devoted to the “applications” of science, considerably exceeds the other in the number of titles. The former Catalogue is arranged geographically by the countries and cities of publication; and it extends from the earliest records to the year 1876. The present Catalogue is alpha- betical throughout ;—the dictionary form presenting undoubtedly the great- est facility of reference: and it is brought down to the year 1882. It will be seen therefore that the two undertakings are quite different in their scope and that the interest of science is involved in the publication of the second work. The compiler has devoted a number of years to this arduous task— amid the exactions of his duties as teacher of chemistry—without any expec- tation of remuneration, and purely as a labor of love for the benefit of scientific students and others.

The Catalogue met the warm approval of Mr. A. R. Sporrorp, the Librarian of Congress, who desired to have the work published under the auspices of the National Library. The failure to secure the necessary appropriation from Congress prevented however this consummation. It was then undertaken by the Smithsonian Institution.

Various unexpected delays have somewhat retarded the production of the volume, which had been confidently looked for at least a year earlier.

The numerous cross-references will enable the student to find a periodical, when carelessly cited by merely the editor’s name,—which may happen to be a purely local designation. The “Chronological Tables” appended supply the useful knowledge of the date of a cited volume—a point too often neglected in popular references. And finally, the “Library Check-List”



is designed to furnish students and Librarians with the important informa- tion—in what nearest public Library in our country a desired work will be found. This list—notwithstanding the efforts made by the Institution to obtain full returns—will doubtless be found both very incomplete, and peculiarly liable to clerical and typographical inaccuracies. It is believed that, in many cases, Libraries possessing full sets of the successive series of periodicals (marked a, b, &c.,) have been credited with only the principal number. If each Librarian, into whose hands this volume may come, would kindly take the pains to revise, correct, and complete the returns of his own Library, the results (if justifying a future reissue of this part of the work,) would be of great value to every other Librarian; as wellas to students gen- erally. Many Libraries here unrepresented must contain quite a number of the periodicals catalogued; and Librarians taking a sufficient interest in the matter to forward to this Institution lists of their scientific and tech-

nical periodicals, will thereby confer a great favor.


Seerctary Smithsonian Institution.

WasHInaTon, May, 1885.


Pte OntiSOMOlit: =: ee ae epee ny re inte) Soh oe eet ec ete

Tt a opt ee ee ae Bye Eee Be ce eS tees at

Alphabetical Catalogue -.-------.------ ---- ---------------- ---- CLC ATE yee ce ee ee ee een es,

Chronological Tables ._-------------- -----.- ---- ------ ------------ --------

Index to Chronological Tables-----..-------- ---------------- -- -- ----------

Index of Subjects__------ ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ------------ -=-----

Appendix—Library Check-List_-_------ ------ ------ ------ ---- ------------

Key to Abbreviations of Libraries_-----—---- ---- --------------

Geographical List of Libraries_-------~-- ---- ---- ---.

/— oe mee



\ alleoubeeal et i i “bin oe) ne di ui ~ we ie brah : i saiadbvigte iy : way, rAhils Rey ont ba al ity oe xa ie alk a aly wnt oye sen a uaa ania tintion valle ae t a fe a NS fn i ro wee Hula ee ait re

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a va 2 dined hie GQ 0p dopue als my pens P , / i hos in a 1 ia « in ade hep Al i ein . _ +e ay Ge i" we ane + eb * : : : i | | Ae Perea cite ly

: i ie My f aa? ea = eae va si a ;

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oi bd tals vhs ‘oa theatg

a tate 2 a a iti ae rye i wt oe Cermak «| fy | a var val hi epair » . a

biome A ae Aw Gag Nin Aish’ d - * P Hes f ; = et wi oe ie: i” fi ; ; f ia holy 8 1 wh > GPP ere = ; alee wih ue ql » pp remind SHAS ais ae ; : 7 . ; i alts 7 ot ee Ne i * Mae tp? O ‘iain hae ri iS oWafed Sin ape DAs: : Pa AA “aynal ky et Ht f m h 7 : f i ‘iaeleiay Map pa beveie ° 1 helipad \ hg al) ma (edbaivines ae a ; i J i asl dein nae he



This Catalogue is intended to contain the principal independent period- icals of every branch of pure and applied science, published in all countries from the rise of this literature to the close of the year 1882. The compiler has endeavored to give full titles, names of editors, sequence of series, and other bibliographical details, and to arrange the whole on a simple plan convenient for reference. The range of topics will be seen by examining the Index of Subjects; while medicine has been excluded, anatomy, physi- ology, and veterinary science, being related to zodlogy, have been admitted. With a few exceptions serials published by learned Societies have been omitted; those admitted either form part of a series begun or ending in an independent periodical, or are presumably not exclusively devoted to the proceedings of the Societies by which they are edited. The admission of Society publications to this Catalogue would swell the volume to an inconvenient size, and has been rendered unnecessary by the publication of the “Catalogue of Scientific Serials,’ by Mr. S. H. Scudder (Cambridge, 1879, 8vo). :

Some of the journals included in the present work are of doubtful scien- tific value, and the right of some to be classed as periodicals is questiona- ble; in these and other debatable cases, many titles have been admitted on the ground that “in a bibliography it is much better that a book should be found which is not sought, than that one should be sought for and not found.” (Zuchold.)

The plan of the Catalogue is as follows: The titles are arranged alphabeti- cally by the first word, the articles and the adjective New (with its equiva- lent in different languages) alone excepted. The various titles borne by a periodical at different times are arranged in chronological order under the first or earliest title of the series. Cross references have been freely intro- duced, and are of four kinds; 1st, from the later to the first title of a periodi- cal which has suffered changes in title; 2d, from short titles in common use to the accurate designations, 35d, from the names of the principal editors to the journals conducted by them; 4th, in the case of astronomical publica-

tions, from the places in which the Ohservatories are situated to the titles of Vii


the periodicals issued therefrom. Besides these cross references, an Index of Subjects will be found at the close of the alphabetical list of periodicals.

The Chronological Tables are designed to give the date of publication of each volume of the periodicals entered, as explained on pages 618, 619. They have been compiled on a plan proposed by Prof. James D. Dana (System of Mineralogy, p. xxxiv, note), modified to meet typographical ex- igencies. We are indebted to Professor Dana for useful hints and material assistance in beginning the compilation of these Tables. It is hardly nec- essary to point out their utility; by them the date of a given volume in a given series of a given work may be found, or the number of the volume may be ascertained when the date only is known. Librarians will find the Tables of service in determining bibliographical data of series not in their collections. The alphabetical list of periodicals should always be consulted in connection with the Chronological Tables. An Index to the periodicals contained in these Tables will be found at their close.

The Library Check-List, showing in what American libraries the preced- ing periodicals may be found, is an attempt to carry out on a continental scale that which has been done in a smaller way by Librarians in several localities. The data were gathered by means of proof-sheets and circulars Gistributed by the Smithsonian Institution, which gave its approval to the scheme from the very outset. Circulars were sent to over 200 Libraries, and 120 Librarians responded with great kindness and fullness; the returns were classified and arranged for printing by the Smithsonian Institution. This Check-List is however only a first attempt, and is far from being as complete as is desirable; in a few cases the latter portion of the Catalogue appears almost unrepresented where the earlier portion has a fair showing. The number of periodicals noted is about 2,150 out of the 5,100 in the Catalogue: a more elaborate census of a larger number of Libraries is there- fore much to be desired.

The material for this work has been gathered from all available biblio- craphies both general and special, and by personal examination of the shelves and of the manuscript (or printed) Catalogues of many Libraries in the United States, as well as of important Libraries in England, France, and Germany. As a last resort over one thousand circulars were sent (in part through the Smithsonian Institution) direct to publishers throughout the world, asking for specimen numbers of their periodicals; the responses to these requests were very prompt and satisfactory, and we were thus enabled


to transcribe titles from original sources in many cases not otherwise access- ible.

The data for the Chronological Tables were obtained chiefly by personal inspection of the works named, but also in part by the aid of forms pre- pared for the purpose and kindly filled by Librarians in many parts of Europe, at the solicitation of the Smithsonian Institution.

e rhe plan of this bibliography originated with the compiler, and he alone is responsible for its defects; its execution has been rendered possible by the efficient aid of the Smithsonian Institution, which, in the person of the late Professor Henry, and subsequently through Professor S. F. Baird, has not only accorded its invaluable codperation from the inception of the work, but has also made it available by undertaking its publication. Sincere thanks are due to Professor Baird for constantly promoting this under- taking.

We are under obligations to so large a number of gentlemen that to express our thanks to each individually is out of the question, and we can only assure those not named in this place that they are not forgotten. To Mr. Wm. B. Taylor, Editor of the Smithsonian publications, we are indebted for the untiring energy and kind interest manifested in supervising the printing of these pages.

To insure accuracy in the several languages we secured the aid of lin- guistic experts;—the Rev. 8. J. Barrows, of Boston, read the Dutch; Mr. Thorvald Solberg, of the Library of Congress, read the Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish; Mr. Louis Solyom, of the Library of Congress, read the Hun- garian, Russian, Polish, Bohemian, and other Slavonic languages; the Rey. Prof. Samuel Hart, of Trinity College, read the Hebrew, and assisted in the Latin; the Rev. Prof. I. T. Beckwith, of Trinity College, read the Greek; and the Rev. Prof. Leopold Simonson, of Hartford, read not only the Ger- man, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, but also the English of the entire alphabetical Catalogue. To each of the gentlemen we express sincere thanks; to Professor Simonson in particular we are extremely grateful for indefatigable labors extending over many months, his promptness and ac- curacy never failing even when suffering great personal inconvenience.

To Mr. S. H. Scudder, of Cambridge, Mass., we are indebted for valuable suggestions based on experience and for attention to correspondence.

To the Rey. J. H. Barbour, Librarian of Trinity College, we are indebted for suggesting certain typographical details and for friendly counsel.


To the Rev. W. Walter Webb, of Middletown, Conn., we are indebted for clerical aid in transcribing the Chronological Tables.

We take pleasure also in acknowledging courtesies received from the fol- lowing Librarians and Bibliographers: the late Dr. Lepsius and Dr. Pott- hast, of the Imperial Library, Berlin; Dr. Wiistenfeld and Dr. Miildener, of the University Library, Géttingen; the late Mr. Bullen, of the British Museum, London; the late M. Paul Billard, of the National Library, Paris;« Dr. A. R. Spofford and Messrs. David Hutcheson, James C. Strout and Paul Neuhaus, of the Library of Congress; Col. Weston Flint and Mr. Edward Farquhar, of the U.S. Patent Office, Washington; the late Ad- miral Rodgers, of the U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington; Dr. John S. Billings and Dr. Robert Fletcher, of the Library of the Surgeon General’s Office, Washington; Mr. F. W. True, Librarian of the National Museum, Washington; Mr. C. H. Darwin, Librarian of the U.S. Geological Survey; Dr. Theodore Gill, of the Smithsonian Institution; Mr. C. J. Sawyer, Libra- rian of the Signal Office, Washington; Dr. E. J. Nolan, Librarian of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia; Prof. J. P. Lesley, of the American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia; Dr. Frederic Vinton, Libra- rian of the College of New Jersey, Princeton ; Prof. Melvil Dewey and Mr. Wn. G. Baker, of Columbia College Library, New York; the late Dr. EF. R. Straznicky, Mr. Robbins Little, Superintendent, and Mr. Frederic Saunders, Librarian, of the Astor Library, New York; Mr. Justin Winsor, Libra- rian of Harvard University; Mr. Appleton P. C. Griffin, of the Boston Public Library; Mr. C. A. Cutter, Librarian of the Boston Atheneum ; Mr. W. I. Fletcher, Librarian of Amherst College; Mr. Addison Van Name, Librarian of Yale College; Mr. E. C. Richardson, Librarian of the Theological Institute of Connecticut, Hartford; Mr. F. B. Gay, of the Watkinson Library, Hartford; and many others.

Thanks are also due to the Librarians who furnished the data for the Library Check-List.

Finally, the compiler asks the forbearance of bibliographers in this his first undertaking, and begs leave to remind them of the words of Baron de Reiffenberg :—‘ Ceua qui ne se trompent jamais sont ceux qui ne font rien.” Communications and -corrections addressed to the compiler, care of the

Smithsonian Institution, will be thankfully acknowledged. Hf, GC. Ee Trinity CoLLecr, Harrrorp, ConNECTICUT, April, 1885.



* Prefixed to a title indicates that the periodical is entered in the Chronological Tables. + Following a date signifies current at the date in question.

| Following a date signifies publication discontinued.

1. AARB¢GER FOR NORDISK OLDKYNDIGHED 0G Historte. Udgivet af den Kong. nordiske Oldskrift-Selskab. 17 vols., 8vo. Kjgben- havn, 1864—80+ Tilleg til Aarbgger for nordisk Oldkyndighed og Historie. 1866-


75>. 10 nos., 8vo. Kjébenhayn, 1867—’76.

See Annaler for nordisk Oldkyndighed ; a/so Nordisk Tidsskrift for Oldkyn- dighed.

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Followed by: [a.] Verhandlungen des naturwissenschaftlichen Vereines in Ham-

burg. 1 vol., 4to. Hamburg, 1877-’80+


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Continued under the title :

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4to. London, 1869—’82+

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AcrERB!, GiusEPPE. See Biblioteca italiana.

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ACKERMANN’S ILLUSTRIRTE GEWERBE-ZuItTUNG. See Illustrirte wiener Gewerbe-Zeitung.

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37. 38.






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50. dl.







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76. 77. 78.








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Continued under the title:


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Also under the title : Botanische Zeitung, welche Recensionen - - - enthilt. ALLGEMEINE BRAUER- UND Hopren-Zerrunc. See Allgemeine Hopfen- Zeitung.

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In 1879 the prefix Allgemeine was dropped.


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Continued under the title :

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Continued under the title :

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